Twice a year, the Old Fairbridgians Association publish a newsletter. Sign up to ensure you get your copy delivered to your email address. If you not do want a newsletter that is cool too, but please leave a message on the website and we can contact you.

The purpose of this website is to establish contact with all the Old Fairbridgians whether they are financial or not.

Many of children over the years who came through the farm school have lost contact with each other and the Association

It is vital that we reconnect for historical reasons alone,so the legacy of the Farm School through the children who attended it can be preserved for all the future generations. Contact Brian on 0412 501 137 or if you would like a personal contact.

The deadline for articles for the May 2012 Newsletter is the 12th April 2012.  Articles should be emailed to Margaret Piercy at or posted to 23 Coulson Cres Werrington County. NSW 2747  Phone 02 9833 7181.


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