McMullan Robert

Robert McMullan, passed away on the 14th September 1990.

He came to Fairbridge Molong in a family of 9 in April 1961, he was just 11 yrs old, the family included both the parents Margaret and Robert. The parents were both 35 yrs old. The family came from, Dumbarton in Scotland.

The children were Thomas 15, Paul 12, Robert 11, Gordon 8, Vincent 7, Bernadette 5, and Carol 6 months old.

All children except Thomas and Carol, were at  the Farm School at varying times.

Bob, as he was called by his brothers died in tragic circumstance in Molong.  Paul his brother on spec came to Molong the previous day from Sydney to visit, this was quite strange as Paul visited Bob in the evening in Molong, but by the following morning he had passed away in the Orange hospital after collasping at home from a suspected heart attack. How fortunate that Paul was able to visit Robert that night.

Robert was a courier and truck driver for many years in Sydney, and he took up long distance coach driving, after he moved to Molong.  One of his passions was Old American cars, especially Dodges. He was sometimes known as Hollywood Bob.

He is survived by a wife and two sons, one being only 3 months old at time of his death. He also had a son, from a previous relationship. Amen.

Gordon died in 2001.

Bernadette died in 2007, age 51.

Paul is the roving reporter, for the Follow Fairbridge the Founder magazine and is a member of the OFA Committee. He contributed much of the information for this posting.

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