Brookman John Micheal David

John Brookman passed away in Orange NSW, on the 4th September 1991.

John came to Fairbridge Molong from the Northcote Childrens Farm in Victoria. This party of 40 children arrived in December 1944, the school had closed due to the war conditions.

John discovered that he had a mother  in the UK, after she had died. Fairbridge had failed to notify him of any relatives still living, despite enquiries.  It was up to the Child Migrant Trust and private detectives to uncover all the details of John”s family.

John was a quiet man who rarely mixed and as a consequence was a lonely man, he never married.

John also was great mates with quite a few other OF’s and assisted them whenever he could.

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About The Phantom

Came to Fairbridge Molong in 1957 and began immediately as a farm trainee. I was 15 yrs old. I loved the work,but found it very lonely and the bullying was awful. Billy Gelson saved me many times in Orange cottage from beatings. I loved this man. I have had a successful life with a wife who died in 2003. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Life has been a challenge since Maureen died.. Brian K OF
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