McMullan Gordon

Gordon McMullan passed away on the 15th November 2001.

Gordon 8yrs old came to Fairbridge Molong  together in a family of 9 which included both his parents, Robert and Margaret in April 1961. The family came from Dumbarton in Scotland.

Gordons family included his  brothers, Paul 12 , Robert 11, Thomas 15, Vincent 7, and his 2 sisters Bernadette 5, and Carol age 6 mths. All the family with the exception of Thomas and Carol stayed at the Farm School for varying periods.

Robert died in 1990.  Bernadette died in 2007 age 51.

Gordon was killed in Murwillumbah, NSW in a tragic  building site accident. He had arrived at the work site and was waiting for his friend, when a passing crane dropped its load, namely a large beam. The beam struck Gordon, causing a mortal wound.

Gordon was a printer, who worked from home, he was well liked in the town where he had been living for 20 yrs. He loved playing the Saxaphone,which was by his coffin at the service. Over 300 people attended his funeral. He is survived by his 2 sons and 2 daughters and wife. Amen.

Paul McMullan is the roving reporter for the Follow Fairbridge Founder magazine and he contributed much of the  information on Gordons passing.

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