Mrs Hodgkinson’s Faux Fox Fur Stole

I was doing some research at the State Library, looking through back editions of the Molong Express and I came upon this little classic “classified”. It left me wondering; given the attachment this woman held for that faux fox fur stole, and the generally low regard in which she was held by both the Fairbridge kids and staff, did some brave soul looking to strike a blow for justice and freedom from oppression, swipe the stole in question? Further, did they then forego the reward of Three Pounds, a considerable sum in 1955, so that they could continue to enjoy the exquisite discomfort of Mrs Hodgkinson, taking some cold comfort the next time she made life just that little bit more difficult for them in knowing that they had also made life that little bit more unbearable for her.

Faux Fur Stole

Faux Fur Stole

I’m just speculating, wool gathering if you like.

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