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Robert Sellers passed away in the Orange Hospital on the 17th February 2012.

Robert came to the Fairbridge Farm School in Molong in August 1962.  There were 88 other children to arrive that year at Fairbridge.

Robert arrived in the company of Robert Taylor, who now lives in Alice Springs.                  The ship was the SS Orion.

Robert Sellers came from a village in Cornwall. He was born on the 17th May 1949.

The Orange Hospital was at loss as to, who to notify on his  passing. When Robert was 17, he visited his sister and mother in the UK. They turned their back on him. He tried again 15 years ago,but with the same result.

Robert was a loner according to Stewart Lee, who was one of the OF s who kept in touch with him. He also made a friend in Dianne Madziala,who regularly cleaned his unit in the later years of his life. This lady got Robert talking about his life after she  revealed to him that she had read David Hills book “The Forgotten Children.” Dianne describes him as a gentleman who read a lot.

Robert was also a self taught photographer for many years in Sydney.  This is indeed a sad sorry, for an Old Fairbridgian to die alone.

Many thanks to Dianne, for caring for Robert and for sharing with us all these facts on his life.  Stewart Lee will attempt to contact the sister in England on his passing.  Thank you Stewart.  Amen

Robert is listed at the National Archive as SELLARS, Robert J : DOB 17.5.1949: C.E. Student.

The photos were provided by Robert Taylor.

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Came to Fairbridge Molong in 1957 and began immediately as a farm trainee. I was 15 yrs old. I loved the work,but found it very lonely and the bullying was awful. Billy Gelson saved me many times in Orange cottage from beatings. I loved this man. I have had a successful life with a wife who died in 2003. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Life has been a challenge since Maureen died.. Brian K OF
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